Have you ever wanted to buy a book, but are unsure what one to get or if you can even fully comprehend the sheer level of text that is typically contained therin?

How about you buy this one? The Lonely Whale
It’s about a whale.

Written by good friend – and Techmonkey to this here site – Ben Morris, and illustrated by yours truly. It’s obviously a children’s book designed and aimed at people who shouldn’t consider knowing what a mortgage is or why Mum and Dad seem to want to wrestle when they’ve gone to bed. That said, we would hope that it can be enjoyed by a range of ages or experience – whether you like the art, or the moral message coveyed by the story, or even if you are straight up just a fan of marine life (LOVE ME SOME WHALES BRUH!).
Thank you to everyone who has purchased one, or are thinking of, be it for yourself or for someone you know. If I was in a more flippant mood, I would promise to spend the profits on swords, but I envisage that I’ll be a lot more sensible and spend it on things like armour instead ;P

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