This last year has been, for most people it seems, challenging.

However, like the night, things – the bad as well as the good – are only ever temporary. Trouble passes and there is usually a beautiful sunrise on the horizon, if you only have the tenacity to see it through.

Yes, this is my first update in a while, bit I am determined not to put a spotlight on it because if I kept doing that, every comic I’d post would be some sort of “Welcome back” thing which would get pretty tiring pretty bloody quickly. ANYWAY. In an effort to consolidate some of my efforts and shine more light on my actual illustration website (actually working now, thank goodness), I’m going to be posting regular updates there. It should offer the folks who are interested in the other kind of work I’m doing a wee glimpse on how I do things and what’s going on in my life.
So, hop over there and check things out,