Got some tinkering and some VERY basic html-ing sort of understood, enough to be able to add a section – located to the left of the page – that links you fine specimens of the Universe to some cool-guy comics that are on my personal reading list. This list will be added to, but for now I will highlight some particulars.

Firstly the addition to the webcomic world by a very good friend of mine, and a scholar of much talent and girth. Be wary however, within its hallowed space features Heroes, Villians, Supernatural Creatures, and… Aberdonians! Also has a good supply of naughty words your Mum hasnt let you hear yet, so it may be the best thing since sliced custard.

Also, an excellent comic that I had previously spied but had not before attributed to another personal friend of myself and HTBaN. Unaccademics – A series concerning the less than serious backstage antics of two university lecturers, and more of it true than you could fathom. Also if you send any messages to his site, be sure to let him know that Whiteface can go to hell.